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by the Hero

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Business Relation and Portfolio Management

The Hero for strong relationships

The advancing digitisation and thus accelerated adaptation of the business models requires a strong alliance between IT and your company's core business. Important for success: Short decision-making paths, rapid implementation of innovative changes and optimal use of resources - all based on strategic priorities.

IT as a business

Our Relation Hero has specific answers to complex challenges. These are based on the experience of numerous projects, proven best practices and current developments in the market. Our Hero understands IT as a function that is operated like a company - IT as a business!

Building bridges

Business Relationship Management

Our Relation Hero knows: IT is not an end in itself. It must focus on the needs of the specialist areas in the company. Together with you, he establishes a business relationship management function, which is responsible for the contact people for the departments and the necessary processes as well as for defining the associated utilities. From broad-based, data-supported analysis methods such as Data Mining up to the structured recording and processing of concrete requirements by template and workflow our Relation Hero has the right tools at hand. He will advise you on role and organisational development, process design and subsequent implementation to find the optimal setup for your specific requirements. He will try to find a way out of this situation. The Hero supports you in building the bridge between IT and business.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • Organisation from the IT and departmental side
  • Stakeholder Map
  • Definition of roles and skill profiles
  • Definition of communication and decision-making bodies
  • Process design incl. responsibility matrix (RACI) for roles, e.g. in the demand process and interfaces downstream processes such as change management and portfolio management
  • Definition of tools (tools, templates etc.)
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Kreis 2 [Translate to Englisch:] GrafiK Business Process Partnering
Speaking at eye level

Business Process Partnering

How must IT position itself in order to discuss with the business at eye level? And more than that - how is IT perceived as a business consultant? Here it is necessary to find a common language.  Equipped  with suitable instruments such as Process Landscapes our Relationship Hero defines the right channels for dialogue, for example in committees, meetings or collaboration spaces. And he identifies the right contacts. If the target image is recognised, measures are defined, to close possible gaps; e.g. by adapting job descriptions, training employees, etc. or decentralisation of decision-making powers. The Relation Hero works with a reference model, which has been developed from practical experience and adapts it to the individual situation of your company.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • Role description (e.g. Business Consultant) and skill profiles
  • Definition of the Process Governance Model
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Process Framework
  • Enabeling of IT as Business Process Facilitator / Consultant (z.B. Coaching)
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Functioning communication as a success factor.
Creating transparency

Strategic Portfolio Management

IT is often faced with a dilemma: too many requirements have to be met at the same time. Safety and stability on the one hand, agility and innovation on the other. All this with a steady increasing complexity, resource bottlenecks and increased cost pressure. Our Relation Hero uses strategic portfolio management through integrated processes and data structures to ensure greater transparency on current and planned projects. Thus he enables your company to reduce the totality of initiatives, align projects and programmes according to strategic priorities. In this way, idling, bottlenecks and undesirable developments are corrected in good time.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • SPM/PPM best practice processes (based on MoP)
  • Integration of information flows between portfolio, project and resource management
  • Role concept
  • Tool implementation
  • Definition of portfolio processes and criteria
  • Definition of bodies
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Kreis 1 [Translate to Englisch:] ICON: BRPM Business Capability Management
Managing skills

Business Capability Management

Do you know the skills your company needs? And do you also know how IT can support them? With the help of capability maps, our Relation Hero develops a comprehensive picture of the existing resources. He thus decides which skills require the most action and where the greatest added value can be expected. Based on this analysis, the necessary adaptations to the business architecture and to the data, application and technology architecture can be made - interdisciplinary between IT and business. The Hero offers you a methodical framework based on established reference models. He is a Hero above all because he brings extensive practical experience of implementation in operational reality.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • Definition of Capability Maps

Strong alliance through dialogue

What matters to our Hero? He is a consultant and diplomat at the same time. He listens, understands and analyses. He checks the heart and kidneys of the respective business areas and has a plan for how your IT can best be integrated with the departments - always on the basis of your corporate and IT strategy, that goes without saying.

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