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Our Crisis-specific

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Digital Workforce

Today, organizations around the world are being forced to quickly switch to remote work and online collaboration.
The Digital Workforce Dimension as part of the DigitalX Framework from Karer Consulting offers strategies, approaches, technologies and tools to introduce digitally networked work in your company and make it effective.

This is how we support you:

  • Moderation & Provision

    Moderation & Provision

    We host and moderate your remote meetings and establish remote work guidelines for your organization.

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    Remote Meetings.
  • Coaching


    We offer individual or group coaching for moderators and participants of remote meetings.

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    Moderators. Attendees.
  • Remote Strategy

    Remote Strategy

    We develop comprehensive remote work strategies that cover work culture, technology, contact points and social interaction.

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    Culture. Technology.
  • Training & Qualification

    Training & Qualification

    We offer our consulting and implementation experience in training modules to conveyt necessary knowledge to managers, teams and individuals.

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    Experience. Training.

In times of crisis we are confronted with new challenges and at the same time discover opportunities that prove to be quite useful for our everyday work: Finally, my team participated in two training courses on IT Service Management and Service Integration and Management. Restricted by COVID-19, we decided to hold these trainings online instead of on-site. We already know Karer Consulting and the high quality of consulting from past and current projects. The trainings provided exactly the right mixture of theory and practice. Additionnally, it all happened in a surprisingly good learning atmosphere, despite the physical distance.

Jürgen Kuechle, Head of SIAM
TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Ditzingen

Appropriate Service Portfolio

In difficult economic times, when demand is declining, stock market prices are falling and "money is scarce everywhere", it becomes more demanding for IT departments to withstand the increasing cost pressure. We support your IT to keep its value contribution as high as possible even in challenging environments.

Project and Transformation Management

Project Management

• Cumulate project management for several projects
•  Manage projects and costs more stringently
•  Use specialist capacities for content


KC Solution Approach:
  • Establish external project managers
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Project Financing

• Review project financing
• Exploit activation capacity
• Use different financing options

KC Solution Approach:
  • Carry out financing optimisation

Service Integration and Management

IT Service Portfolio

• Check necessity of services
• Identify tolerable quality losses
• Optimize capacity planning


KC Solution Approach:
  • Reduce services and quality
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IT Workforce

• Identify and retain key players
• Redeploy work capacities
• Consolidate and reassign roles


KC Solution Approach:
  • Condense roles and tasks


• Reduce costs in existing contracts
• Terminate services
• Combine contracts


KC Solution Approach:
  • Improve contracts and services

Business Relationship and Portfolio Management

Business Partnering

• Identify optimizations through IT in the business area
• Increase the degree of automation
• Improve steering


 KC Solution Approach:
  • Saving together with the business

Project Portfolio

• Prioritize projects relevant to the crisis-relevant projects
• Check scope of projects
• Optimize the use of resources


KC Solution Approach:
  • Streamline project pipelines

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Application Portfolio

• Analysing application usage
• Combining functionalities
• Consolidating applications


KC Solution Approach:
  • Shrinking the application landscape