PMI Global Summit Berlin from 10/04 to 11/04

Discover the future of programme management: Disciplined Agile meets tradition

In a world where adaptability and efficiency are at the forefront, the integration of Disciplined Agile into traditional programme management is not just an innovation - it is a necessary evolution.

In his presentation on this topic at this year's PMI Global Summit, our colleague Markus Kopko, together with his esteemed colleague Frank Tassone, explains how the fusion of modern agility and traditional structure is transforming the landscape of programme management. With practical strategies and tools to promote dynamism and synergy between these methods, the two offer insight into how you can significantly increase the effectiveness and chances of success of your programmes.


Are you a programme manager ready to push the boundaries of what is possible? Would you like to learn how to skilfully integrate the principles of Disciplined Agile® into your work and create a highly dynamic programme delivery model that combines the best of both worlds?


Then don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting development. Join us on a path to a more efficient, adaptable and innovative future of programme management and meet Markus and Frank at the PMI Global Summit in Berlin on 10 April! Find more information at the Program Management Institute Homepage!