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SIAM Foundation Seminar

Service Integration and Management
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In the seminar "SIAM® Foundation" you will get to know the methods and concepts of multi-provider management.

As a renowned provider of the SIAM® Foundation Seminar, we have the theoretical knowledge in the field of SIAM and, thanks to numerous SIAM projects with well-known customers in various industries, we have vast implementation experience.

You benefit twice over: on the one hand, you will be optimally prepared for the theoretical examination and on the other hand, you can apply the practical experience directly in your company.

For some years now, organisations have been moving towards an environment where services are sourced from multiple service providers and not just from one.
This multi-sourcing offers advantages such as avoiding costly providers. It allows companies to spread risk, maintain tailored services and remain flexible as the business environment changes. It also brings the challenge of coordinating these suppliers and their services, whether an organization has three, twenty or more than a hundred suppliers. The tasks of the "Service Integrator" role include the strategic, tactical and operational management levels, i.e. the implementation of governance requirements, the value-added integration of service providers at the service design level and the monitoring of service delivery in day-to-day operations. SIAM provides a foundation that facilitates collaboration between service providers to maximize the benefits of multi-sourcing.
Learn more in our SIAM Foundation seminar and get your SIAM Foundation certificate. The SIAM® certification offered by EXIN and BCS is manufacturer-independent and globally recognized . The content is based on the Body of Knowledge. Furthermore, this is the only SIAM® certification program available worldwide.

The 3-day seminar includes the following SIAM topics::
  • Detailed introduction into the SIAM model
  • Practical application of the SIAM concept
  • Development of the basics of SIAM design
  • Definition of SIAM governance structures
  • Basic processes for implementation
  • Operation of the SIAM concept

Target group

The certification seminar is aimed at experts who are interested in the practical application of "Service Integration and Management" (SIAM®) or who want to introduce this methodology in an IT organization. In particular, the seminar is aimed at experts who are already active in IT Service Management. Furthermore, this SIAM® training is intended for service providers who are involved in the introduction and management of specific SIAM® models for "Service Integration and Management".

Karer Consulting has the theoretical SIAM knowledge and is also the only provider with vast practical project experience.


  • No formal requirements.
  • Experience in service management and sourcing is an advantage.

  • EXIN/BCS SIAM® Foundation Certificate, awarded by EXIN.
  • The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions, takes 60 minutes and is considered passed if 65% of the questions are answered correctly. The examination language is German or English.

Extensive seminar documentation consisting

  • Handout
  • Exercises
  • Sample exam
  • Personal book copy "Industrialized Service Integration - Practical Guide for Management"
Registration / Cost
  • By mail at or via the contact form. We reserve the right to cancel the date if there is an insufficient number of participants. Registered participants will be informed in good time in advance. The registration deadline is 14 days before the seminar date.
  • 3-day seminar
  • 1500€ participation fee + 195€ examination fee (plus VAT)
  • Cancellation free of charge up to 14 days before the seminar date, for later cancellations 80% of the participation fee will be charged
  • Price for in-house training and online offers on request
  • If the number of participants is sufficient, additional dates and locations can be offered after consultation