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The IT world is becoming faster and more agile. The busines in your company expect in-depth and professional support from IT in all its change-driven projects. The competence to manage IT projects successfully and precisely is therefore becoming increasingly critical. And this change requires in-depth change and project management.

The Master of Change

Our Transformation Master supports you in exactly this: both in the establishment of various project management methods, as well as completely practically in the implementation of IT projects, he is your expert. His tools of the trade are agile and classic project management methods - with which he masters special projects from the areas of Solution Implementation and Rollout, Transition and Transformation, Carve-out and Integration and Digital Transformation. This is precisely why the Transformation Master brings so much experience to the job.

The toolbox

Project Management Methodologies

The Transformation Master is an internationally certified project management expert, from junior to senior. In addition, he offers you professional project management support: he advises you on the use and optimisation of agile and classic project management methods, as well as in the combination of hybrid approaches and methods of organisational change management.

Rolling out solutions

Solution Implementation & Rollout Projects

The Transformation Master has perfect mastery of the project management of application and infrastructure projects such as ERP implementations or Office 365 rollouts. He applies established methods of project, requirements and change management and adapts it according to the situation on site. In addition, he is responsible for training and test coordination.

The Transformation Master is the contact for strategy, planning and rollout management. Not only does he provide advice, he also acts as a project manager.

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The best way

Transition & Transformation Projects

If parts of the IT landscape are outsourced and relocated to outsourcing partners, this calls for a methodological approach; after all, the risk for the existing process landscape must be kept as low as possible. Transition & Transformation Playbooks from Karer Consulting achieve this. The Transformation Master manages your outsourcing project from various perspectives: he coordinates the processes from retained IT to outsourcer, from one outsourcer to another as well as from the outsourcer back into retained IT.

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Getting things moving in complex projects
Pre- & Post-Merger Management

Carve-out & Integration Projects

In the context of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) projects, the carve-out or - putting it the other way round - the integration of the IT functions plays a central role. As an experienced project manager, our Master provides comprehensive support from start to finish - both in the pre-merger phase and in the post-merger implementation phase.

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Mastering digital dynamics

Digitalization Projects

Digitisation projects have their own dynamics - they are innovation-driven and often located in very different corporate functions. In addition, external partners work together in completely new areas. The Transformation Master possesses the art of orchestrating the various project players harmoniously.

Actively shaping change

Organizational Change Management

Our Transformation Master also focuses on the human aspects of a change. With targeted and effective change management measures, your organization will emerge stronger and more productive from the change.

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The Transformation Master is an experienced program manager who is capable of managing complex large-scale projects. You don't learn that during your studies, you acquire it through years of experience. Good Transformation Masters are few and far between - but we have them: Transformation Masters who keep track of the complexity.

From Junior to Master: PMO

Karer Consulting offers PMO - Project Management Office Services - so that even a junior can become a real Master. Here young employees work together with senior consultants and support such large-scale projects. That's how they become Transformation Masters, learning from scratch and trained by the best.