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by the Champion

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Integrating and Managing IT Services

Our Integration Champion is the expert in Service Integration and Management. Together with you, he develops your SIAM ecosystem and thus ensures that the requirements of a multi-provider structure can be mastered and its advantages achieved.
We have been using our underlying SIAM implementation method for years with great success.

Service Integration and Management

Our KC Tool: SIAM

SIAM is a management concept to make the challenges of a multi-provider structure manageable. By creating a SIAM ecosystem, internal and external providers are efficiently managed to deliver IT services to clients from a single source.

Our implementation method supports you in implementing this management concept in a practice-oriented way:
Based on an assessment of the actual situation, the future SIAM strategy is set and the necessary structural elements (organisation - processes - employees - systems) are defined and implemented. An implementation roadmap creates transparency and ensures sustainable establishment of the SIAM ecosystem.

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Choose the Direction

SIAM Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap

The market is changing rapidly and your business strategy is also evolving. To make sure that your IT can keep pace, the Integration Champion is on hand.

Together with you, he develops a SIAM strategy according to the Karer Consulting IT Strategy Procedure Model. After an initial assessment, we begin with the important decision of who will deliver the actual integration service in the future.
Building on this, he adapts the KC SIAM implementation roadmap to your situation and goals. Thus, the Integration Champion defines with you the important strategic cornerstones for the introduction of SIAM. Because if you don't know the way, you don't know where to go.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • SIAM Assessment
  • SIAM Strategy
  • SIAM Roadmap
  • Choice of SIAM Provider
Creating Clearity

IT Service Portfolio

Which IT services are offered by the IT organisation today and in the future, how are they composed and who provides them? These questions must be answered in order to discuss service offerings with clients, negotiate service delivery with internal and external providers and efficiently manage continuous service delivery. So the Integration Champion makes an inventory of your services.
He then determines the service architecture with an end-to-end perspective and defines the future service offering with the underlying delivery structure. This creates transparency across the entire service portfolio and provides the basis for controlling the future SIAM ecosystem.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • Service Architecture Definition
  • Service Descriptions
  • SLA Definition
  • Service Catalog Definition
  • Request Processes
  • End-to-End Management Concepts
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Customized solutions

SIAM & IT Organization

SIAM must be organisationally anchored. Virtually, by allocating central SIAM tasks in the existing organisation, or explicitly, by bundling SIAM tasks in a specific organisation. Our Integration Champion provides the arguments to make the right decision for your situation. He ensures that new SIAM tasks or the new SIAM organisation are seamlessly integrated into existing structures and avoids inefficiencies caused by overlaps.
Our framework contains blueprints for the integration of SIAM into the organisation and all SIAM-relevant roles. The Integration Champion adapts these blueprints to your current situation and future goals and thus develops a suitable organisational model including the necessary transition.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • IT organisation
  • IT functions
  • Roles
  • Meeting structures
  • Transition planning
  • Transition management
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Everyone must join in

SIAM People Development

Our goal: Your company should quickly become an efficient SIAM organisation that is recognised by all parties involved. This requires not only a technical understanding of the IT services offered, but also communication and management skills. This is the only way to ensure that the central players of the SIAM organisation control the ecosystem in an efficient and goal-oriented manner and that the IT services provided meet client expectations. Based on our SIAM role profiles, our Integration Champion develops the requirement profiles for your SIAM organisation and supports the corresponding development of your employees.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • Skill profiles
  • Skill assessment
  • Development plans
  • SIAM Trainings
  • Multiprovider Trainings
  • Coaching
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Keeping a cool head in chaos
The KC Toolbox

Service Management Processes & Tools

Service management processes exist in all IT organisations. But the processes are becoming more and more complex, especially if the interfaces to the providers are not uniformly defined, implemented and established. New process variants are created with each new supplier and must be managed.
Based on our IT process model in a multi-provider environment, the Integration Champion defines SIAM-enabled service management processes with standardised provider interfaces. The Integration Champion not only defines the processes, but also supports their implementation. From the selection of the appropriate ITSM suite to the training of employees, the Integration Champion brings his experience from countless projects to the table.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • ITIL process definition
  • Definition of process interfaces to providers
  • ITSM Software Selection
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Effective Provider Management

Sourcing Governance

Increasingly, IT services are purchased selectively and differentiated in order to combine them with internal or other external services. This best-of-breed approach not only optimizes costs but also increases the quality of service or better adapts it to client needs. The selection and management of this increasing number of external service providers presents the IT organisation with new challenges. Based on best practice models and our experience, the Integration Champion develops your approach for effective provider management in your company.

Deliverables - what we offer you:
  • SIAM Statement of Work
  • Provider assessment from SIAM aspects
  • Provider Onboarding
  • Provider Board Structures
  • Key performance indicators
  • OLAs