Agile IT Organization (SAFe®)

Business agility become increasingly important with ever changing business at a more rapid pace. An agile organisation enables business agility by design. The challenge is to develop the right fit of the implementation to your IT organisation, take everyone on the journey and follow through.


Strategize and develop the agile roadmap for your IT organisation:

Based on your value streams and customers together we design & implement your agile organization and continuously improve its operational excellence to meet the business needs of your IT organization.

Design & implement


Why, when and how to take the leap towards an agile IT organisation is an individual challenge for each IT organisation.

  • Karer Consulting provides a SAFe blueprint on an agile organisation as a foundation which can be tailored with pre-defined guardrails
  • Customized approach is required to ensure best fit to your individual business model of your IT organization
  • Based on the strategy for your agile organisation Karer Consulting provides a SAFe  blueprint for a scalable approach which starts small with multiple options to grow.

Service-focused approach


Starting with the right size of an agile organisation can be the key to success for the transformation. Based on Karer Consulting Digital Operating Model, the first guiding principle "follow the service" provides a service based approach with additional guardrails for your transformation:

  • Focus on specific IT services following the value streams of the business to optimize co-create value
  • Combinable with typical organisation setups and hybrid approaches
  • Start small and grow iterative with continuous feedback following the strategy for your agile organisation instead of taking a huge leap

Organizational Change Management

A holistic OCM approach is a key element of the transformation towards an agile organisation even when starting with a small service-focused scope. To take everyone on this journey we plan ahead and implement the right measures at the right time with the right stakeholders to guide the required mindset change throughout the organization.

Focus on transformation


General benefits:

  • SAFe as a proven framework with a Karer Consulting blueprint
  • Transformation towards value stream aligned IT services for optimized value co-creation supporting the entire business


Specific benefits by Karer Consulting:

  • Flexibility with implementation in context of the Karer Consulting Digital Operating Model
  • Scalable approach to agile transformation
  • Build in customized OCM measures to implement and improve the agile organisation sustainably
  • Proven track record for designing and supporting the implementation of individual best fit IT organizations

Our offer:

  • Stakeholder onboarding and development of your strategy for your agile organization to decide on scope of the implementation of your agile organisation
  • Definition and identification of key aspects, such as value streams and scale of the transformation to an agile organisation
  • Development of implementation plan and transformation plan
  • Follow through: Organizational change management and project management for implementation and transformation
  • Support of SAFe® execution at the start by providing staffing for operational roles (e.g. Release Train Engineer - RTE, Scrum Master - SM)
  • Measure and Grow assessments