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Rules for success


We have a distinctive culture and clear rules of the game. They ensure that we as Karer Consulting with our project teams and employees are successful. Our mission statement is a key part of our work.

For us as employees of Karer Consulting, the values from the mission statement are not just empty words; we want to fill them with life.

Picture Our KC Values
Respect and honesty
  • Respect for other languages and cultures - indeed for everyone we meet - we live in our own house and also with our clients.
Loyalty and trust
  • Mutual trust ensures open dealings - with any problems we seek dialogue to find solutions.
Motivation and discipline
  • We demand business-standard work and motivation from our employees, but also give them a lot back in return: recognition and development prospects are not only on paper.
Community and the joy of working together
  • Our goal is to hire people who fit into the team. We want every employee to enjoy going to work in the morning and to be able to say with pride:
    "I love working at Karer Consulting AG."
Sophistication and friendliness
  • Friendly dealing with all our partners is a matter of course for us.
  • In addition, we also know, for example, how to follow etiquette and look beyond the end of our nose - we have committed ourselves to social engagement not just in our slogans, we also do it actively.