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Achieving goals with common sense

With our results-oriented and determined approach, we achieve efficiency and ensure maximum productivity.

This also involves the setting of realistic performance, schedule and budget estimates.

Kreis 1 Icon Results-oriented
Implementing. Targeted. Efficient
Kreis 1 Icon forward-looking
Experienced. Sustainable. Responsible.


Experience leads to success

A forward-looking and responsible approach leads to sustainable results. Only those who have gained enough experience in the past can draw on their knowledge in the future.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know which elements are necessary to successfully complete projects. We can identify and avoid potential risks at an early stage and adapt flexibly to changing conditions.

What does it take? A perfectly mastered methodology. We do not see ourselves as consultants who impose specific methods on you as a client: Each mandate focuses on the individual situation - and only this determines the choice of the method to be used.


Focus on people

The consultancy business is people business: We focus on the people of an organisation for the success of a project. Each individual member of a team is a success factor of the project. We inspire and motivate your employees with a positive working atmosphere. This creates trust and the greatest possible level of understanding.

Kreis 1 Icon Focus on peaople
Reliable. Loyal. Communicative.

Our responsibility

We have a responsibility to our clients, employees, shareholders and partners. Because we take them very seriously, we have formulated rules for them - our self-understanding.


  • We realistically estimate services, deadlines and budgets.
  • In addition to expert opinions and recommendations, we also provide support during implementation.
  • We provide impartial and objective advice.
  • Confidentiality and data protection are the be-all and end-all of our work.
  • We present services and fee rates in a transparent manner.
  • Each individual employee is an important part of our company.
  • We are guided by our values.
  • Everyone makes their knowledge available to others.
  • We do not operate with classic management structures, but with flat hierarchies.
  • Every employee is constantly trained on his own initiative.
Icon Customers
Icon Employees
Icon Partner
  • Shareholder status is open to every employee who has proven himself as a Principal Consultant.
  • They are responsible for defining the company's objectives and developing the company further.
Business partners
  • We treat all our partners with the highest respect and appreciation.
  • In conflict situations we try to find a solution in a spirit of win-win.