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We increase the added value of your IT.

In times of crisis we are confronted with new challenges and at the same time discover opportunities that prove to be quite useful for our everyday work: Finally, my team participated in two training courses on IT Service Management and Service Integration and Management. Restricted by COVID-19, we decided to hold these trainings online instead of on-site. We already know Karer Consulting and the high quality of consulting from past and current projects. The trainings provided exactly the right mixture of theory and practice. Additionnally, it all happened in a surprisingly good learning atmosphere, despite the physical distance.

Jürgen Kuechle, Head of SIAM
TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Ditzingen

Service Integration and Management

In the seminar "SIAM® Foundation" you will get to know the methods and concepts of multi-provider management.

As a renowned provider of the SIAM® Foundation Seminar, we have the theoretical knowledge in the field of SIAM and, thanks to numerous SIAM projects with well-known...

For some years now, organisations have been moving towards an environment where services are sourced from multiple service providers and not just from one.
This multi-sourcing offers advantages such as avoiding costly providers. It allows companies to spread risk, maintain...

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Service Integration and Management (SIAM®) is a management methodology that addresses the increasing complexity of IT supply chains. This supply chain is becoming increasingly fragmented due to developments in digital transformation, the use of best-of-breed solutions and the...

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Profound knowledge of business process management in your IT organization supports the strategic development ofyour company'score processes. It provides the basis for an effective business relationship management, in order to generate value or added value through the...

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IT Service Management controls the interaction of resources and capabilities in your IT organization to deliver value to users. This added value is expressed in the best possible support of business processes by the IT department.

In our online training course "Basics ITSM/ITIL"...

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Beispielbild Seminar

Seminar with best practice models for effective multi-provider management

The time of big outsourcing mega-deals is definitely over. Increasingly, services are being sourced in a selective and differentiated manner in order to combine them with internal services or other external services. The aim is always to achieve an optimal sourcing mix in order...

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